Saturday, September 15, 2012

The One Where I Crochet a Hair Bow

So I know I have talked about baby Penelope on here before.  Though maybe I haven't actually said her name...she will be Liam's (or I guess already is?? Just unborn...) sister.  And for the record don't exactly quote me on the name...Penelope is what we call her because that is what they are planning on naming her - but you know, the birth certificate isn't signed, so I guess it's not a complete definite.

At any rate, the count down is officially underway...and it's an hourly one!!! She is scheduled to be born (or at least to start the process) TOMORROW! Happy dance...happy dance...

**This week's happy dance is the Gangnam style. and don't even ask me how my mom knew about this dance before I did. But she did - she also did it for me - and she's also really good at it. Maybe the rumors are true...maybe I got my dancing from my mama...cause anyone that knows my family, knows that it definitely wasn't from my dad. Sorry dad.

***This just in - apparently mom learned about it on Ellen. I knew there had to be an explanation. Watch this if you didn't see her show last Tuesday. What I wouldn't give to have been at home that afternoon watching her learn it off the TV. Alls I know is next time I hear the beat of Cotton Eyed Joe I am test running this dance move.

Anyway. I taught myself how to crochet (the CUTEST) hair bow the other day.  Thanks to good ole' youtube. I love to knit... and I love to crochet...and it's starting to be that time of year! So I pulled out all  of my stuff...grabbed some old yarn and welp made only the cutest little hair bows ever!! (I want to get some baby colored yarn - like light pink, or white, or lavender...) alls I had that I liked - and that worked, was dark purple..but oh well - you'll still get the idea!

Here is a quick tutorial run through in case any of you are interested in trying one yourself...

  1. Slip knot on
  2. Chain 5 and slip stitch it to make a loop
  3. Chain 4 then double crochet into the loop.
  4. Double crochet 4 more times so that you have 5 total double crochets (not including your original 4 chained crochets)
  5. Then chain 4 and slip stitch it into the loop.  You should have 7 total rows coming out from your loop.  That is side one of the bow!!!
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 for the other side.
  7. Once both sides of the bow are done, pull your last stitch so you have a big loop - take your hook out...but your string about 8 inches or so away from where you ended then pull through to make an ending knot.  
  8. Wrap the 8 inch tail around the center to create the knot in the middle - thread the end of it through the back of the knot you just made and cut away the scrap!
  9. Click here if you want the full youtube tutorial that I used - it's actually pretty helpful!
Here are the steps in pictures:

Isn't that the cutest little thing!!! Next I just need to figure out how I want to turn it into a head band. Eek I can't WAIT to put that thing on her little head!

And for those that read this blog and/or know me fairly well - you also know, I'm not the best at being patient.  I definitely fall into the category of ...if it's on the check list (even if it's something 4 months away) it needs to be organized/done/finished/cleaned yesterday. I used to try and work on that skill...but now I just accept that it's part of who I am - I like to think it's an asset. That it helps make me good at things.  Unfortunately for some, and today it was my old scraggle cat, Bella - it's actually a pain in the ass.
I needed a model - she was the closest thing I could find.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The One About The Plum Tree

So I know I have talked about the garden several times on here before...but it's true. I'm really into gardening.  Not so much like plants, spreading bark dust, mowing type - I mean, I do enjoy potting plants and flowers and stuff...but mostly when I say gardening I mean the edible kind.  Everything in our yard that I can eat? or cook with? or bake with? I'm obsessed with!

And for an edible garden lover like myself I get excited about this time of year because the fruit is finally starting to be ready!! Our plum tree specifically. It's LOADED with ripe plums and they are totally fabulous.

The only catch. All 3000 of them are ripe at practically the same time. That means I have to get creative with how to use them all up!  In the past couple of days I have managed to use about 2 pounds of them.   That means I only have about 12 to go.  So far I have made to awesome recipes - Plum Freezer Jam & Plum Ice Cream.  They are both dangerous... addicting-ly delicious.

Now, to figure out what to do with all the rest of the plums...I'm thinking I might make another batch of plum freezer jam - anyone have any other great ideas for what I can do with a ton of plums to make them last??

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The One About the End of Summer's official. Today was the first day of school - actually, I'll clarify, cause I guess maybe there are still some folks who get to run around and play summer but today was the first official day of high school for Lake Oswego (which in my book marks the first day of school)...and that means one thing - summer has ended and fall is here!

That also means no more lazy summer be impressed cause it's the first day of school and I'm already back on the band wagon, just like I promised!! See?? I told you! Although, I'm thinking that life's actually about to get way busier - but usually fall brings schedules back intact and I get better at multi-tasking life.  You when you have 37 things on your to-do list and you can get it all done in 6 hours...but if you have 9 hours to do 3 things you're lucky to get 1 done?? Yeah, it's like that.

Anyway, I'm going to do a brain dump.  To catch you up to we can all be on the same page and move forward with all the fun, new and exciting things coming up. So here goes...the end of summer recap!

1) Dance Team - I think most of you who read this know me well...but just in case their are a few that don't, I coach the Lake Oswego Dance Team. It would be an understatement to say that I'm really into it...and as we dive in to the school year it's probably only fair that I address how truly obsessed I really am with it...because 9 months out of the year, if you follow this blog, you're going to be reading a fair amount about high school, dance team, performances, costumes, hair, make-up...all things girl and dance. What's that phrase they are all hashtagging these days? Sorry, I'm not sorry? Well...sorry, I'm not sorry. I can't help it.  I'm pretty sure I'm programmed to be a dance coach, I don't know how to be anything else really - it's just too bad that whoever invented the modern economy decided that  it was a good idea to pay judges like B. Spears somewheres around $15 mill to judge a talent show and dance coaches, well, let's just say after buying my gas to get to and from practice (now that it's $4/gallon) I think I actually lose money coaching.  Clearly though, it's way more important to pay someone like that than someone like me. So anyway...
We have had a crazy busy two 1/2 weeks.  We had daily doubles, a couple of fundraisers, a school campus clean up, a big bonding night better known as Laker Midnight Bash & candle light, a photoshoot, a senior retreat, car wash, summer camp, and just tonight - our first performance! I am so excited about this year's team I could scream! I love them.  They are sweet, hard working, darling, funny, and I just can't wait for all the fun we are going to have!!
Here are a few photos...
 Some of my silly girls at the photo shoot.
 My 2012-13 seniors!! Love these girlies!
 Bonding night relay races.
 Car wash fun
 It's tiny - sorry, but here is our 2012 - 13 poster!!!
 my partner in crime - Hayley...we're the master minds behind all the madness...can you tell?
Campus clean up day.
There are a lot more pictures - but these are just a tiny amount of random choosing...

Let's put it in to perspective... in the last 19 days I have spent 64 hours with these girls...and another 14 hours in the car to get to and from LO...that's 78 hours. BUSY. #danceteamseason

2) Sisters Grad Party - She graduated with her MEd from Lewis & Clark this summer...she walked in May but officially finished in August.  So we threw her a BIG party a couple of weeks was amazing. My mom did the best job ever. The menu, decorations, we had a was all out - every single detail! Plus we had some good company!!

 Mr. DJ man. Liam James rockin the beatz.
#younglove - my best friend from high school, Katie came and brought her little cupcake Camille (isn't she just the cutest?) Liam was loving on her the entire day...but I'm pretty sure after he accidentally hit her in the face with a badminton racket, she was over it. Opps #babyproblems.

3) Black Butte - Labor Day fun at the Black Butte Ranch!! I don't think I've been to our house over there in maybe 2 years and don't even ask me why...cause I have no idea. Because I just love that place!! the weather was amazing, we swam, hot tubbed, biked (everywhere), walked, deer hunted (with our eyes), played tennis, dad golfed, allie rode horses, we had cousin time and friend time and family time, my uncle even drove over from Burns to meet us for lunch in sisters! Plus I didn't wear make-up or do my hair for 4 days. It was the BEST.
 This picstitch just kills me. Cruising in the car, naked snack time (we had a potty training accident), super corn eater man, and a scene straight outta homealone itself "FULLER! GO EASY ON THE PEPSI!" hahah ...just too much.

Ok. I think that covers the major things.  Of course there have been lots of little things...but this post is getting long, and I told you it was going to be a brain here is the rest of it... I've been working (and LOVING my job - I know right?? who get's to say that - but I do!! I love it! I actually look forward to going to work!), cooking, nail painting, boating, eating fro yo, socializing with friends, playing lots of games, hot tubbing, watching dance moms & so you think you can dance, reading, watching gossip girl (I am catching up - start to finish...currently on season 4, it's addicting), cooking, baking, gardening, and lots of other fun summer things...all of my favorite things!

Whelp. I think I'm gonna call it good with the game of catch up.  Cheers to summer 2012, it was a REALLY REALLY great one! Excited for fall time - football games, falling leaves, baking, you know all the fun things that fall time brings :)