Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The One With the Results

Ok...results are in...and I'm sorry to report that I won't be joining any olympic teams any time soon. Apparently 10 seconds to run the 100M is actually really difficult. And sister was right...I must have been counting slow...

Tested out the theory on my girls this is the dash in pictures.

13.4 seconds.  But if you look close you will notice the leader is in I didn't give them much time to stretch...there was zero warm up, prep, training, proper breakfast. So of well-trained-to-be-competitve-athletes finish the sprint and say...
"WAIT! Let's do this again next week - everyone make sure and bring your running shoes."

So next week. Same time. Same place.

They only need to shed 3.4 seconds off of their time and they will be like world record holders or something. Make sure you say that you heard it hear first.

And the only entry requirement is that all racers must be wearing one (or a combination) of these three colors: blue, white, red. Because that's what you call killing two birds with one stone people - when one of my Lake Oswego dancers breaks the world record she'll be in school also, it's 4th of July practice tradition. Duh.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The One About Some Old Notes I Found...

So first off, still don't have a time to report. You know, the one about the 100M sprint and how fast I can run it in?

But I do fitness with my girls tomorrow (the LO girls) so if the track is open (we are getting a new turf installed so it's been hit and miss on when it's open) that's first on the agenda for the morning. So again - stay tuned...

But, in the mean time...I found something I wanted to share.  It actually made me laugh so I thought it would be wroth posting.  I was digging through my old emails to see if I could try and find a TV pitch I sent out a long time ago...that's a bummer thing about when your old work email accounts get deactivated, you lose LOTS of old thing that you spent hours and hours working on...who knew I would actually want to have it again some day though!?  Anyway...I came across this old blog post of mine from a long time ago.

When I used to be a bit more free-sprited with my writing...used a few profanities (sometimes I think they just make writing funnier...but I try to refrain these know, I am 27 so I'm trying to act my age and all...) but these are a reflection of my 22 year-old self...I went through this little phase where I tweeted messages to things. I may integrate that back in to my twitter repertoire ...Sometimes it's just better to write notes to stuff.

Anyway, here are some old anecdotes I came across:

Dear sun, remember last weekends hen you were pretty? Could you come back so I'm not so freezing and grumpy? Cordially, Kendall

Dear work computer, could you not be so old and slow so I can get my work done better? Annoyingly, Kendall
ps - Internet Explorer, mostly I mean you...and your illegal operations. Thnx.

Dear lips, I know it's not as sunny this week as last week and it's a little more cold and freezing, but could you please not be so chapped all of the time? Painfully, Kendall

Dear boys, I'm not sure if it's you or your cell phones, but if one or the other of you could start working better probably I wouldn't be so annoyed, Fondly, Kendall.

Dear Sister, you are hilarious and thanks for always letting me vent to you about life. You make shit more fun, xo, sister.

Dear cute new blue house, I love you and have been looking for you for a long time. Love, Kendall

Dear phone, sometimes people make fun of us for being so obsessed with each other, don't let other's opinions change you.  You are amazing and without you, mostly I get bored. Hugs, Kendall

Dear to-do-list, sometimes it's ok not to grow longer after I check something off of you...From Kendall

Dear laundry, I have work for 9 hours would be nice if you could be picked up and folded when I get home...I get tired of seeing you on the floor everyday, learn about responsibilities and quit being lazy. Gross, Kendall

That's all. I do find it amusing however that 4 1/2 years later I could have written over half of those things should see the laundry on my closet floor, and I just put chap-stick on 45 seconds ago.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The One About The 100M Sprint I'm attempting the "short blog"- in fact, I'm actually even writing this from my blogger app I downloaded on my phone! Kind of loving how easy it is!

We are watching track & field Olympic trials- I am such a huge fan of the Olympics...always have been....especially summer! Gymnasticsss!! Ahh my favorite.

Anyway we're currently watching the 100M sprint semi-finals right now...our living room conversation went something like this.

"I probably could do ok running the 100M's short"- me.
"Kind probably is actually hard to sprint that though"-sister.
"Wait he just did that in 10 seconds I bet I could do that in 10 seconds...just that one short stretch?"-me.
" These are like Olympic runners no way could you run that in 10 seconds"-sister.
"1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9...10..."(counting to 10) -me.
"Ok first of all have you seen yourself run... And second of all you counted that way too slow, that was like 20 seconds"-sister.

Whatever...I'm trying it. Just to see. I'll report back.

The One About My Summer Job And Other Things This Week

Most days I want to blog about all the stuff I did that day but then I people really want to read about how I cleaned my room or how long I lasted on the treadmill (at the 5.5 speed) today? Um...probably not.  So then I just don't write because the cool things I do in the day don't seem like enough to do a whole post about.  But maybe that's ok - Sometimes shorter can be better so maybe I'll get better about that. Maybe.

But for today I thought I would do a recap of all the things I did this week.

One of the bigger things to report is I started my summer gig this week - and I LOVE IT!!!! I'm working for one of my girlfriends who owns a little PR company. PR is what I used to do before I became a's something I always enjoyed doing but wasn't what I thought I wanted to do with my life, I switched roads and took the teacher path.  This week has totally surprised me though- I'm not sure if it's cause it's different, or new, or I love working for JulieAnna, or if it's just a combination of all of the above but it's been so refreshing! And fun!! and I'm super excited to go to work or sit down and do work (I work from home part of the time...which of course is kind of awesome as well) - I mean many people can say that?! But it's true I'm loving it!!

Anyway, as far as what I do - I kind of do a little bit of everything.  I'm sort of her assistant, mixed with the girls' assistant (she has two regular full time employees that work for her), I edit stuff, I put together media lists, I run errands, I organize stuff, work on the computers, read magazines, research, write, mail stuff, hey I even baby sit!! (She has a one-year old who has a nanny there most of the time, but like on Thursday when she was at a meeting until 4 and nanny had to leave at 3 I got to play with Michael for an hour!! Maybe the best way to end the work day!!)
He was asking for more puffs...see his little baby sign language? Doing the more symbol?? AHH swoon.

I had lots of favorite work activities this week.

  • I went to the container store to get some magazine organizers (you put me in a store full of stuff that helps organize and I am a happy girl! Maybe one of my favorite stores ever, definitely on the top 5 with Nordstrom and Target - definitely.)
  • I mailed some Sorel boots to Jillian Harris (Sorel is one of the clients JulieAnna works on - she freelances for my old agency actually! Which is kind of fun!! I only worked on Sorel a little bit when I was there but it's a client I know a lot about, and funny to be back working with them a tiny bit!)  Anyway - Jillian...remember her? Bachelorette? I fed-ex'd the boots to her home address in Canada!

  • Then Austin (one of the girls that works for JulieAnna) had to get a creative mailer out this week...already time to start working on those Holiday gift guides (early I know! but that's how it works with magazines...they close those things so early!) But I wrapped up a bunch of these!! Baby bogs...aren't they so cute!? And we sent to a bunch of editors...

  • I've also been on a mission to locate the contact info for all of the wardrobe designers for all the TV shows this fall.  You know, like Modern Family, Gossip Girl, Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23, Suburgatory, Raising Hope ...yada yada. We have a bunch of pitching to do to them starting this week - so if you know anyone that costumes the cast of any shows I'm down for any insider scoop.
Anyway, that's just a taste of the many things I've been working on this week...there is more but I'll switch gears - I'm sure I'll have tons more fun things to blog about on the work front coming up! How cool is it to have a job that's even interesting enough to post about!? I mean teaching has some pretty great things to post about - mostly stories, hilarious stories and a few of the unbelievable kinds...but I'm always so hesitant to share too much - just never know.

Other things from the week.

I went to dinner Thursday night at Ken's Artisan Pizza.  AMAZING. If you love pizza, go here. ASAP. It's right down by my old high school - Central Catholic. 28th & Starkish...well between Stark and Burnside. Here are some pictures.
 They serve their pizzas with red pepper flakes (which isn't too out of the norm) but then some big-crystaled salt! At first I was like what?? Who puts salt on pizza? But I tried it - on the Margherita & Arugula kind (below) was outstanding!! I could eat that everyday I think.
 We also ordered the fennel sausage & onion kind (with the hot Calabrian chiles on the side) - we weren't going to get them at first but then we decided that we should on the side, just to try them - I'm not a huge lover of spicy really but I have to say, in small doses it really made that pizza!
 Then of course we split deserts.  The one on the left was a rhubarb, cornmeal shortcake & (some kind of alcohol that I can't remember) flavored gelato, and the one on the right was a honey lavender gelato with a biscotti - they were both SO GREAT!
Anyway, I definitely recommend it. One of the better dinners I've had out in a long while. I love Portland's restaurants.  It really is a city full of great places to eat!

Ok, and last bit from the week that is worth sharing.  On Friday night I went with my friend Katie and sister to go see Disney's new movie Brave.  I am such a sucker for all things Disney!  (Like bad. Like if I wasn't living life on a budget I wouldn't be here writing this blog, I would be down at California Adventures checking out the new cars world.)  Anyway, Allie and I have been wanting to go see this ever since we saw the trailer on TV for the first time...
They had us at the line - "if you had the chance to change your fate...wouldchyu?!" in the little accent! Ahh it was just the cutest! Loved it.
I'm even a sucker for the opening disney intro that they always play.  It's just so magical!!

Now here's to hoping that the weather remembers that it's summer time, not winter, and that we like the sun this time of year, not the rain.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The One About Father's Day

"You know it's like Father's Day or something when we walk around this store <Home Depot> pretending like we know what we are looking for...cause I think we only come in here once/year and every single time we walk the wrong direction trying to find what we want." - Allie.

Seriously.  But the rake and new shovel (that we actually got from a specialty tool place out towards Boring) were a hit. And so were the biscuits and gravy mom made for breakfast!

But is it me? Or are holiday's just way more fun with little kiddos around.  After breakfast the cousin's came over to spend the day with us.  I LOVE having my cousins live so close to me and that Josh and Jen like to spend holidays (when they are in town) with us.  We kick started Father's Day celebrations by heading to the zoo!
He was SO excited!! He even wanted to sit in the back BACK seat with "kaah" and "ahhh" (translated - kendall & allie) which is actually a big deal if you know the kid. Cause he is shy and likes to sit by mom the first while usually. We helped him practice all of his animal sounds on the way...his snake noise was by far the best. psssssssssss (in the softest sweetest quite whisper ever!)

Not long into the zoo of course though (and if you know the Oregon Zoo you will know how close to the beginning we actually were) near the end of the first stretch of exhibits we ran into Oregon's farm land area...where they have a big barn, you can pet some animals, couple of cows, pigs, goats, chickens, you know...the usual. Liam wasn't interested in the animals he was interested in one thing...the "CA!"  - the tractor. I'm not sure I've been around many two year old's during tantrum time but boy was he MAD when we made him leave that tractor. so so sooo mad. and if only I had a picture but he even had his arms crossed in front of his chest (it was hilarious, but I wasn't about to let him know that).  I'm thinking he would have stayed on that thing the entire time maybe.  He cried for about 20+ minutes about it - until mama Jen finally broke into that little one-tracked mind of his and got him to eat a little snack and look at some nasty disappearing pigs. Have you seen the disappearing pigs at the zoo?? They are bizarre.

Anyway once he was settled down it was on to the rest of the zoo.  We took a little break and watched the 12:30 bird show, ate some elephant ears and took some pictures!! YUM.
first bite.

 I said hey Liam is that so delicious?... I got no words - just two thumbs up. HAHA
 I just love the zoo! We had such a good time.

We even got so lucky because a handful of the animals were in their den's!! I never see them in there!!!! So that meant lots of close up pictures!...and this was just a few minutes before the 2nd one came in to join her - two cheetahs in their den, what are the odds!? We rushed the last 1/3 and didn't quite stop to see everything (mostly glanced at stuff on the way to the exit), but we made it through nearly the entire zoo until bubba got sleepy.

But it was a lot of fun!! I think even "unck jaw" (translated - uncle john) would agree that it was one of the better father's day in a long time!!! We drove home and mom finished up dinner. Menu items were per/request of the dad:
  • asparagus
  • macaroni salad
  • ribs
  • baked beans
  • home-made tapioca pudding
  • strawberry shortcake
  • strawberry lemonade
IT WAS GOOD! I think we even got the boy hooked on a new favorite activity when he comes over to kaah & ahhh's - I found my box of un-lit fireworks...he LOVED them. especially the smoke bombs.  Apparently running through a cloud twice as big as you that is neon blue is like the coolest thing ever, in case you were wondering.

Happy Father's Day Dad!! I hope you felt special and loved and had the perfect day!! We love you!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

The One About Baby Cousin's Tutu

So it's officially summer - one of the many parts that makes teaching great right??! I've always been one to live off a schedule and to mark my days based off of school seasons, holidays, breaks...when I went into corporate world for a couple of years I think that was what I missed the most.  The seasons of school.  Where the new year isn't marked by the drop of the ball but rather with back to school season.  My favorite. Fall, football, new school supplies (for OCD organizers like myself and life long educators...of course that's a fav. - I think making our annual trips to Office Depot was more of a favorite than back to school clothes shopping for me.  I remember sitting in my room for hours organizing all of my supplies! I'm fine with the fact that I'm a nerd that way) many things I love about the fall.  A fresh clean start to the year!

But of course - second to that is summer break.  I can't believe another year has gone by!!! Like what? I went to happy hour last night with one of my college roomies and friends Jordie...she's my church and brunch buddy but because Sunday is Father's day we are skipping our Sunday tradition for the week and rescheduled with a Friday night happy hour.  She says to you know this is our 5 year anniversary from graduating college this year.  WAIT WHAAA??? We graduated on 05/06/07 (cool date right?? I'll never forget that one!)  but 5 years ago? no way...I'm can that be?? She was all like um no you're 27...and I was all like ah yeah, you're right. When did this happen? Apparently people forgot to mention that as soon as you graduate from college, life's fast forward button get's pushed... so yeah about that. I guess I've been graduated for 5 years now. Wow.

At any rate...rather than thinking about that too much I'm just going to focus on summer...and I'm excited about this one because I have a lot of things I want to do!!
Like I want to go see Crater Lake. I've never been there and I've lived in this state my entire life.  It's 5 hours away. I think I'm going to make it happen this summer.  And also on my way I want to go to that Wildlife Safari! Cause how can there be a real life safari in this state and I've never been there!!? It's 3 hours and 15 minutes away. And kind of right along the way to Crater Lake.
I also want to take a Cake Decorating Class...and make a lot of things/fix a lot of things (aka get a lot of my pinterest-wish-list things crossed off).

I'm getting closer to completing project bonus room re-vamp.  I just finished painting 1 of my desk pieces yesterday and it is CUTE!! I can't wait.  I bought the thing from Target like 7 years's moved houses 5 times (yeah I know I've moved 5 times in the last 7 in college and right after, gotta love that...) - it's beat up.  But I'm restoring it and so far so great!! Can't wait to post my final post about all my projects in that room!!  It's actually a LOT of work to fix up furniture! and I've done almost every piece in that room!

But last night I took on another craft.  I wanted to get it finished before Sunday...because it's a father's day present for my cousin Josh (really it's for his wife Jen probably...well technically I guess it's not for either of them it's for baby girl...) anyway it's what I'm giving him when they come over Sunday. We are taking Liam to the zoo! He is two and he has never been!! I'm pumped! He is going to LOVE it. Anyway...I have been wanting to make that little girl a tutu since the day I first found out she was a girl.  I didn't have a pattern or anything - I sort of just made it up as I went along.  I had been doing some hunting on pinterest but didn't find any type of pattern I was in love with.  And actually I was walking through target the other day and I saw one I thought was super cute looking so I took a picture of it (the hems mostly) and decided that I could probably figure out how to recreate it! We had tool left at home from one my sister had made for her friend I stopped by the fabric store to grab some ribbon and elastic for the waistband and last night I decided to get to it! Anyway I'm super happy with it!! I think it turned out adorable.  She is going to be one fancy kid.  I love that there is going to be a girl in the family - it will give me an excuse to make all these cute things I want to make.  I want to do little baby leg warmers next.

Anyway here they are in picture form...the tutu and also a little head band that I made (I literally sewed together a thick piece of elastic lace for the band and then hot glued a cute flower I found at Michaels to a piece of felt and sandwiched the piece of lace between my felt-backed flower and another little circle of felt so that it was all glued together in one piece!)

Here is the project mid creating...tool galore.
I used a 2 inch ribbon for the waist line (double the length of what you want the waist line to be)...and a 1/4" strip of elastic (the size you want the waist line to be). I sewed the piece of elastic down the center of the ribbon (stretch it out as I sewed so that it creates the ruffle look that will stretch when you pull it open!).

Then I cut three long pieces of tool (double the length of what the ribbon was) and sewed a loose stitch so that I could pull it into a long bunched one-sided ruffle then I sewed the ruffled side to the edge of the ribbon...I repeated on the other side, sewed it into a circle.  Made a cute big bow that I tacked on to the seam and bam!! The most adorable thing ever!!! Here it is finished!

 you can see a good little view of the head band in these is baby pink tool also. So precious!!
Here's to summer!! Great weather!! Fun crafts and LOTS of adventures!!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

The One Where I Organized My Nail Polish

Normally I wouldn't blog about something just like nail polish - but I discovered an awesome thing today (well technically a while back...but actually finished today) that I thought was worth sharing - maybe something that would inspire other's to try if they liked it!

... it's about my new way of organizing/storing nail polish.  Cause I can't be the only one that is annoyed by how cluttery-messy those little bottles can be.  Even when I was little, I remember being annoyed about them...and ultimately they always ended up in some type of tub somewhere.  Usually under the bathroom sink.  The problem with the bucket was that 95% of the time I used the color right on top over and over, or couldn't find the one I wanted or would buy multiples because I forgot I had that exact same shade of pink sparkle under the 16 other polishes on top of it. I know you're all like well don't have so many nail polishes...but you're talking to me here...I love nail polish. Always have.  I am my grandma's grand-daughter...the 5 most important things in her life were my mom, my sister, me, her hair and her nails. And unfortunately, probably not in that order.

At any rate...this is how we have been storing the nail polish around here lately.
in a kitchen cupboard.  Pretty sure my mom hates it - and really I hate it to. I mean it is convenient but it's also a cluttery gross mess.

So you know me and pinterest.  I found THIS amazing idea a few weeks ago. Using a spice rack to organize nail polishes.  Of course my OCD organizational side saw it and was all like um best idea ever!! So of course I had to make it happen...I've been keeping an eye out for a metal spice rack that I like and I finally found one at World Market!! I ended up buying two. Here they are.
And here they are hung up in my bathroom all organized!! I love them!!

I've been sacked out on the couch or on my bed since Thursday night...with some nasty cold bug (gah! I hate being sick...but it's pretty much my MO...go go go then when school get's ready to end or it's a holiday break - bam. sicko.) At any rate, I have been SO bored and slightly stir crazy just sleeping and laying down...I did go to a grad party for a couple of hours on Saturday and Sunday but that was it. And today...same thing - I left the house for about 2 hours and did a few errands and chores around the house...but I think now I'm back to the couch to rest's Bachelorette night. Which of course, you know what that means - the crossing off of bachelors continues (hoping that all of my guys make it through another week!) But I work tomorrow - 7th I'm trying to save my energy.  I want to enjoy it!! If I'm dealt a lucky hand this may be last day as a substitute!!!

Anyway - here's hoping that I start feeling back to my regular old self...I have fun projects in the making (much like this one) that I want to get back to working on!! Project bonus room has continued and I can't wait to share - a couple more weeks and I think it will all be finished!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The One Where Lots of Things Happened Over The Weekend

To say it has been a slam packed week and a half would be an understatement.  Today is the first day in over a week that I've even had time to think about updating the blog on all the fun things that have been going on. Let's see...

  • Starlight Parade happened on Saturday night so that made for 3 practices last week
  • I've worked lots
  • I've been doing even more job applications - I even had a job interview yesterday!
  • My mom had a birthday and we threw her a surprise party on Saturday (yes same day as parade)
  • Allie graduated from Lewis & Clark with her M.Ed. (masters in education)
Ok...well it seemed like a lot more in my head.  But each of those things involved a lot of time, so maybe that's why it felt so busy.

I'll take you through a run down.  Here were my LO girls on Saturday night - they were so CUTE!! I had such a fun night with them!
We have 6 new girls this year and every year I am so extremely impressed with how fast they adapt and work themselves into the team! We don't waste any time getting started and there are really high expectations put on all of them (especially our newbies) to be great right from the start.  And lately all they  ever seem to do is rise to the challenge - I love that about them.  I am so excited about this year!! And I know they are to - because it shows.  Each of them are so eager and positive and happy about dance all the time...even if it's marching around a hot track for an hour to the same song.  They look like they love it, they act professional, they take it serious...and hey!! Guess what??! That means come performance night it's just one big bunch of fun!! And to frost that cake - LOHS marching band won!!!! So it was an evening well done!! I think the only thing that would have made it better would have been if there were easily accessible bathrooms.  But nonetheless, they looked great, the danced great, we had our annual team BBQ at one of our seniors house with great food and yummy cupcakes (pink lemonade, salted chocolate carmel, and chocolate peanut butter!), they were decked out in glow sticks, we got to march behind the cast of was a good night!

Saturday was also my mom's 55th birthday!!! A part of me wishes I could have stayed and helped her celebrate but I think we gave her a great day!! Happy Valley started a farmer's market for the first time ever on Saturday - I'm so excited about it!! I love love LOVE farmer's markets.  My favorite is LO's, my second favorite is Milwaukie' I'm just really excited now to have one that is 5 minutes from my house!! It still needs to do a little bit of growing but they definitely have the basics down! We started the day off at the market, because it was a little chilly and they don't have tables yet we opted to go to breakfast across the street (indoors), per mom's request.  So we did - Mom, dad, sister, and two of my mom's friends.  Allie and I decided to be extremely random...and slightly gross - I think it's safe to say it was even a first for us.  We ordered and split the chicken fried steak breakfast and a piece of lemon meringue pie - normally I would maybe even chose to leave that kind of info off of my blog, for the whole public not to read, cause those menu items seem like they could be embarrassing - but to be honest, it was the best random act I've done in a long time. It was freaking delicious. And we ate every. single. bite. like every one. also a rarity for me. I'm more of a snacker, not a sit-and-eat-a-huge-meal-at-one-timer...totally worth it. 
Here is mama and her friends.

After breakfast we did a few errands...went to new seasons - LOOK at the flowers.
New Seasons (in my opinion) always just has the BEST flowers!! Dad got mom a bouquet.  It's still downstairs being all gorgeous...full of pink peonies...I'll have to take a picture and post it. I'm obsessed with it. Then we went to go pick up sisters graduation cake - down in Sellwood from Piece of Cake.  YUM. It was red velvet (it has chocolate chips in the batter, and probably the sweetest cream cheese frosting I've ever had...) basically fantastic. Not to mention SUPER CUTE!
Then we came home and got ready...she didn't really know what for...but that's what we were doing!! I was making a salad and she kept asking me what it was for...I just told her it was for my dance team BBQ later, but really, it wasn't...It was for her surprise party!!  She was totally shocked when people just started showing up, haha...It was awesome. We had about 15 or so people come...and she was loving every second of it!!! My dad did some grilling and her friends brought some other snacks and salads...I think she had a great time!

Of course I didn't get home and in to bed Saturday night (or I guess technically Sunday am) until 1.  Which made for a REALLY early Sunday morning...since we had to leave the house for graduation at 8:20. Yucko. But anyway Sunday was all about sister!! It was also really cool to go to a non University of Portland Graduation!! I mean don't get my wrong, I LOVE UP!! But I've been to 3+ (mine, my sisters, my graduate program's...and then some others for friends over the years) Plus Allie and I both graduated at UP's campus when we graduated from Central Catholic! so needless to say the Chiles Center is all I've really ever know for graduations! Ha...Lewis & Clark is for one, a gorgeous school!! The campus is just so East Coast looking to me!  It was a little slow-mo as far as how long it took to get through...and also I'm still trying to decide what I thought about the speaker.  I expected something along the lines of what we got...beings it's an extremely liberal school (which I have no problems with) but she was a bit all over the place and for a graduation dedicated to a graduate school full of educators she was pretty honest about the current economic system and education crises sorta went like this: pretty much things are terrible, here's an example about a city that is trying to incarcerate teachers who's kids didn't pass the state test, here's a story about when I participated in a strike, and oh yeah here are how many unemployed teachers there are out there...ok now all 280 of you just graduating today - GOOD LUCK! sorta like that...and she also talked about an author she read who studies ants and wrote about an experiment she did where she infected an ant with small pox and the other ants didn't run away but came and licked the ant "clean" anyway, yeah...still processing her speech. Nonetheless sister looked cute! She didn't trip walking across the stage, she was hooded and then we had a really yummy BBQ over at our house to celebrate! She is having her big grad party in August (she has a couple over more credits to complete this summer) but when she officially get's her diploma we are throwing a huge bash here at the house....I'm already excited! It's going to have a DJ and everything!! Here is really smart sister lady in her cap and gown getting graduated and hooded!

and last up on the busy week of activities...I had an interview yesterday!! I don't want to indulge too much...cause you know how things go...but I think it went alright minus one thing. I did my best to look as professional as I could.  I wore black slacks, with a black and white pin striped blazer and salmon button down blouse underneath, I spent countless hours prepping to notice that in the car ride over...this is what my nail polish looked like.
Niiiice....I tried to scratch it off...but it wasn't gonna happen. I tried to only use my right hand when using talking gestures, but I doubt I was consistent....that's the last time I ask for a swipe of polish from my friends' gifts at the end-of-year Rosebud party (oh!! That also happened last week! I forgot!! I'll have to post a little something about that as well!! I love those girls! I'm going to miss them!).  Anyway, I'll keep you posted on if the nail polish was a good idea or a bad idea when I hear back.