Saturday, September 15, 2012

The One Where I Crochet a Hair Bow

So I know I have talked about baby Penelope on here before.  Though maybe I haven't actually said her name...she will be Liam's (or I guess already is?? Just unborn...) sister.  And for the record don't exactly quote me on the name...Penelope is what we call her because that is what they are planning on naming her - but you know, the birth certificate isn't signed, so I guess it's not a complete definite.

At any rate, the count down is officially underway...and it's an hourly one!!! She is scheduled to be born (or at least to start the process) TOMORROW! Happy dance...happy dance...

**This week's happy dance is the Gangnam style. and don't even ask me how my mom knew about this dance before I did. But she did - she also did it for me - and she's also really good at it. Maybe the rumors are true...maybe I got my dancing from my mama...cause anyone that knows my family, knows that it definitely wasn't from my dad. Sorry dad.

***This just in - apparently mom learned about it on Ellen. I knew there had to be an explanation. Watch this if you didn't see her show last Tuesday. What I wouldn't give to have been at home that afternoon watching her learn it off the TV. Alls I know is next time I hear the beat of Cotton Eyed Joe I am test running this dance move.

Anyway. I taught myself how to crochet (the CUTEST) hair bow the other day.  Thanks to good ole' youtube. I love to knit... and I love to crochet...and it's starting to be that time of year! So I pulled out all  of my stuff...grabbed some old yarn and welp made only the cutest little hair bows ever!! (I want to get some baby colored yarn - like light pink, or white, or lavender...) alls I had that I liked - and that worked, was dark purple..but oh well - you'll still get the idea!

Here is a quick tutorial run through in case any of you are interested in trying one yourself...

  1. Slip knot on
  2. Chain 5 and slip stitch it to make a loop
  3. Chain 4 then double crochet into the loop.
  4. Double crochet 4 more times so that you have 5 total double crochets (not including your original 4 chained crochets)
  5. Then chain 4 and slip stitch it into the loop.  You should have 7 total rows coming out from your loop.  That is side one of the bow!!!
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 for the other side.
  7. Once both sides of the bow are done, pull your last stitch so you have a big loop - take your hook out...but your string about 8 inches or so away from where you ended then pull through to make an ending knot.  
  8. Wrap the 8 inch tail around the center to create the knot in the middle - thread the end of it through the back of the knot you just made and cut away the scrap!
  9. Click here if you want the full youtube tutorial that I used - it's actually pretty helpful!
Here are the steps in pictures:

Isn't that the cutest little thing!!! Next I just need to figure out how I want to turn it into a head band. Eek I can't WAIT to put that thing on her little head!

And for those that read this blog and/or know me fairly well - you also know, I'm not the best at being patient.  I definitely fall into the category of ...if it's on the check list (even if it's something 4 months away) it needs to be organized/done/finished/cleaned yesterday. I used to try and work on that skill...but now I just accept that it's part of who I am - I like to think it's an asset. That it helps make me good at things.  Unfortunately for some, and today it was my old scraggle cat, Bella - it's actually a pain in the ass.
I needed a model - she was the closest thing I could find.

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