Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The one about my morning coffee run

There are lots of days when I sometimes think... "I wonder if I will ever meet that guy?"..."one that I wouldn't mind cooking dinner for every night, who'll sit and watch dance moms, the bachelor, and so you think you can dance with me even if he doesn't love it, who will do the dishes or take out the garbage, who'll mow the grass, wipe the dogs muddy feet off when it needs to come in, you know that  kind of guy." ...don't get me wrong I've met my fair share of great people but for one reason or another it never seems to pan out.  He always seems to be all like...the dog, the mud, that's asking just a bit too much out of me...the guys...the game...too busy...working..blah blah..yadaydaaaa

Well today I was reminded that there really are those rare gems out there.  The ones that will wipe off the muddy paws and even go wash dry and fold the towel.  The kind of men that stop you cold in your tracks and you're all like wow, did you really just do that...for me?? That was so nice!! I feel like a princess!

He was 3.

I didn't get called in to sub today so after I did my usual morning email/dancestuff/job-hunt-checking I got up and went to the gym...after the gym I stopped by New Seasons, near my house, to grab some coffee.  New Seasons (at least in Clackamas) has these double doors...you walk through one set of doors...you grab your cart and then you walk through another set to enter in to the store...well so I walked in through the first set of doors this am and I see a woman with her two little boys.  One maybe 1 1/2 or so sitting in the cart, the other maybe about 3 standing sort of near her.  I briefly heard her whisper something to the little mister - I thought maybe it was like a "hey come here" (to move him out of my way) but instead he toddled over to the door and with all of his might reached up grabbed the handle (with both hands), braced his feet square on and pulled as hard as he could - looking up at me with big round eyes...it opened maybe a whole 4 inches (his little muscle arms were pulling as hard as they could)...I heard his mom whisper "open it up all the way for her..."
It took me a second to realize what was actually going on...I'm not used to such great treatment!!!
I flashed the mom a big grin...looked down at the little guy (as I gently helped him with the door...) and replied "You are quite the gentleman!! Thank you so much for opening the door for me!"
He let out a big sigh, smiled and dashed over to his mom...
I thanked him one last time - gave the mom a quick grin and walked in to get my coffee.

If I am ever blessed with a son I want to be that kind of mom.  One that raises a kind, thoughtful and respectful guy who opens doors for ladies...

Melt my heart!

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