Friday, April 27, 2012

The one about Little Bee

Yesterday I was called in to sub Chemistry.  You know me...the mad scientist...I'm all like percent yields and stoichiometry - you ask I'll tell you. not. Thankfully all I had to do was proctor a test...that I can do - here kids, wish I could answer your questions but trust me you don't want me review with each other for a few minutes, now here is the test, don't look at your neighbors paper, don't chat, turn it in when you're done and stay quiet till the last test is complete. Done! Ah yeah...easy peasy...minus the fact that makes for one loooooong day of BORING.

Wi-Fi was a no go on my lap top - I guess the science wing is too far away from the library's router. Damn.  No pinterest. Or blogging. wha ta dooo...Thank God I brought my book. Unfortunately I didn't realize how near the end I was....only 150 pages left. (Yes, I am being facetious - are you crazy?? that's like half the book!!...Don't get me wrong I enjoy reading...but by no means am I the most amazing reader that was put on Earth...I've always been a slow reader...and I like to think of reading like a fine wine - it was an acquired taste - or at least it was for me. Perhaps that's why I empathize with my students...I've assigned my fair share of books - I mean come on, it's school and reading is key...but I do get it...I might have finished maaaaybe one book in high school. I think it was called Harry Potter or something. Internet and cliff notes were two of my best friends. shhhh. anywayssss, I finish lots more books these days.) so back to the few pages I had left. Welp when you're bored for 7 hours straight it's easy to get through that!! I was only sad I didn't bring a second book with me.

Per request of a few of my friends I went out and bought the book titled Little Bee...I was lucky - it was at Costco in paperback for a decent price (books are so expensive!) I took it with me to California (spring break trip) but was so busy exploring and seeing I really didn't read all that much - anyway, it was fantastic. I loved it!!! Totally didn't know what to expect, I didn't read any reviews on it or even the back cover...I just opened it up and started reading it (and now I can hear people being all like haha she went and just bought a book without even knowing what it was about - if her friend told her to jump off a bridge she would...i'm going to leave a comment and tell her to read The Iliad. Wrong, this is a book, not life or death, so recommendations on novels I'll take...and I wouldn't read the Iliad. I'm not a moron.) Anyway, it was about a refugee girl from Nigeria and her encounter with two English (from England) people on a vacation...that's all I'll say about it - I hate any rate, it was enlightening, sad, good, entertaining, lots of sweet moments, several disheartening was a heavy read but not over the top. I totally recommend it!!!
I think next on my to-read list is going to be The Shack...My sister read it a long while back, it's been in our book shelf...I remember her saying that she liked it...but that it was sort of a slow read and also it was kind of sad, so I never really picked it up.  Again, I don't know much about it...but I had a friend recently suggest it to me...and since I have it I thought I would give it a go. So we'll see!

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