Sunday, April 22, 2012

The one that will start the rest....

I've been thinking about it for a while now...blogging. See, the thing is, I used to do it ALL the time!! And not just on my own blog...I blogged on lots of sites - I had this one that was all about my adventures when I studied abroad in Europe, I blogged for my old agency, I had this one blog that was actually hilarious (at least at the time) about all things bitchy and fancy (it sounds crazy - and well, it was crazy...), I blogged on behalf of my clients on lots of different sites...mostly though I blogged on my old site This is the way I live. I have thought about going back to that site and starting it back up again. But there was always something that was holding me back... I think sometimes because it felt more like an old journal...not a current one. But I miss blogging - sometimes there are just things you need to write about, or share, or explain...facebook is just like too out there, twitter is not enough space, and pinterest is all great and picture like...but when I find those really important things I need to bake or make or build I need a place to show people how I did it and why it was necessary that I spent 2 hours figuring out how to decoupage an old doily to a pot.

So there it is...the inspiration for my new blog. I'm excited about it...and I'm hoping that I can stay dedicated...I have lots of ideas of things I want to write about - not sure if anyone will even be reading it, but I'm ok with that. Mostly I like to blog for myself...cause it's fun to go back and read about stuff I was thinking about or doing or the story of my old crazy neighbor lady or when I got my little baby girl (she was so CUTE!)...and things like this - my life's to-do list. I wrote it about 4 years ago...I don't look at it all that often, every year or's always funny to me to look at it, because some of the things I forget are on the list...some I say "hey I did that!!" like I haven't actually read it yet - BUT I bought War & Peace about 3 weeks's going to happen!!

Anyway, you get the point. Whether I am the only one that reads this thing or not...I'm excited about starting up again. So here it goes. Cheers to hopefully my first blog that I won't stop writing on. The one that will hopefully start all of the rest...

Now alls I have to do is get me one of those fancy cameras...the one that the really good bloggers have.

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