Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The one about James Morrison

Ok - well first of all...it's no surprise that I am a James Morrison fan. I mean after all he is SO cute...AND has the most amazing voice...BUT last night I became an even bigger fan...because my and the girls got to go see him sing LIVE at the Aladdin.  I've never seen a concert at the Aladdin, but I anticipated it would be something like the Roseland - small, intimate, pretty up close and personal...well, I think it was BETTER than the Roseland!! We definitely had the best seats in the house!! Front and CENTER! only like 3 feet away...it was amaaaaazing.

We got there at 6:15ish or so...and waited in line. We waited for about 45 minutes outside....but we definitely weren't bored.  Southeast Portland isn't a boring place to hang out in. Always something going on...we even met Jafar.  Which we thought was appropriate, since we were headed inside the Aladdin...I wish I had a picture...but this will have to do...imagine a mix between him
and him

This crazy guy with a long scraggly beard kept walking up and down the line asking people if they had extra tickets - Caroline had an extra one because one of our friends got sick...so we told him that we could sell it to him for $30 - I mean we bought them for $27 online...he freaked out on us and was all like
"you crazy --<rolled his r's>--- they selling for $22 at door, why I buy from you for thirddeey. you crazy. you not sell that ticket. good luck."
No more than 10 minutes later - The Return of Jafar - he was back again with two 5 dollar bills...he says "I buy for 10."
We said "No it's $27. That's what we paid. That's what we will sell it for."
"I no buy for $27. I get for $22 at door. No one pay $27 to you.  You think you special?? YOU not special! I see thousands of you around thinking you're all special. You not special...if you wanna sell for $10 you let me know" it went on for a bit like that...Caroline put him in his place...until I started to get nervous that maybe he would pull out a rusty knife or something and stab her...he finally peaced out.

When they started letting people in the door and we got up to the front...we saw Jafar selling tickets to people right in front of the ticket office for $20...haha - of course he was. Wheelin and dealin....if he didn't make me so nervous I would have sold our ticket for $10 to his "clients"...next time.

At any rate, made for an entertaining wait time!

We got inside and staked out our spot. RIGHT UP IN FRONT!!! We were like...people, why are you sitting down in those seats when you are allowed to stand right here!! front and center!!? But whatever. It was awesome for us!  Plus we also discovered a new band!! Honeyhoney there were AMAZING!! Like seriously. So good.  I'm downloading their music today...if you haven't heard of them they are worth checking out.

Cheers to a good night of laughs, music, fun and friends!!! Oh and we even ran into two of our favorites...One of our "soon to be senior" dancers - Kate and her mom Lori!! We all danced the night away together 36 inches away from James Morrison. It was awesome. And he even gave touched my hand. Just sayin.

James...I love you.

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