Sunday, May 27, 2012

The One About Turning 27

So apparently I woke up on Tuesday and was all of a sudden 27.  Not sure how that happened, last time I checked I was in Vegas turning 21...huh...It's crazy to me to think how fast time has flown by.  I mean when I sit and think about all the things I've done over these past 6 years the list is pretty lengthy....

  • Finished up and graduated with my bachelors degree from University of Portland
  • Danced for the Portland Lumberjax (Lacrosse team - no longer here...they were bought out by Seattle)
  • Traveled & studied in Europe for 6 weeks.
  • Worked for a couple of years doing PR at a Marketing Agency
  • Started coaching the best dance team ever, met my best friend, and have won two state title with her...we have a lot of fun with those girls!
  • Went back to school and got my masters degree
  • Became a teacher and am currently a substitute (still on the hunt for a full time gig)
  • Danced for 2 years with the Portland Winterhawks Dance Team - The Rosebuds
  • Bought a new car of my very own
The list could continue...and nonetheless when I spell it out, it seems like a lot of things... but that still doesn't mean that it hasn't felt like it hasn't gone by really really quickly.  Cause it has! It must be one of those relative how when you're little and it's December 10th and it feels like Christmas WILL NEVER EVER EVER come...and now days it gets to December 22nd and I'm all like what?? I know Costco has had light up reindeer and wrapping paper since they sold out of 4th of July fireworks but still Christmas is in 3 days?? Uh...crap.

I think 27 also just feels weird cause it's like late 20s!!! Lots of my friends got freaked out when they turned 25...that didn't really bother me so much...but 27? Humph, I guess I'm all grown up now.  Maybe it just feels extra weird because my OCD planner self had all these life plans - if you would have asked me 10 years ago where I thought I would be when I was 27/28...I'm not sure I would say where I am...and I'm still trying to decide if that's ok with me or not...But I'm trusting in the fact that I'm doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing. I've always been one of those that has tried to follow my gut, not force things and always try and do what I love and enjoy - what feels right.  It's worked for me so far...and it's led me here, so I'm trying to trust that this is where God wants me to be - even if it's maybe not where I saw myself at, exactly.

At any rate, I had a really really great birthday!! I'm just so lucky to have such great friends and great family to make me feel special!! It really was a week of celebrations...I  kept thinking I should do something big and extravagant on my actual birthday, but then it rained and I didn't feel like doing anything at all...haha - so I went to the gym, my mom, sister and I decided to have a tea party (a few of my mom's friends came over to participate), I was feeling crafty so I opted to make myself my own birthday cake (I got some new frosting tips and have been wanting to try them out but it's always such a process to make all the frosting and get everything set up --- anyway, what better event then my birthday to teach myself how to make frosting roses!), and that evening my parents took me to dinner to my fav place ever (and a birthday tradition) - the spaghetti factory! It was a perfectly great day!!! Here are some pictures!

Some tea sandwiches from the tea party...rasin bread, turkey, scallion cream cheese, and basil sandwiches.
 these kinds are cucumber mint tea sandwiches, and the other is a turkey, havarti, dijon sandwich.
 these were our little treats - chocolate croissants and vegan almond/apricot scones!!
 Everything was AMAZING!

 oh...and here was my masterpiece. It was a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting that I made from scratch...then I made a decorating frosting (just like a butter creme kind) I piped the edges and the letter (I need to work on my lettering ...not the best), but then I did the roses (took me a few practice tries) but I think they turned out pretty great!!!!! and then I just went for the little rosebuds first try on the was fun! Totally old school, but I suppose if I can't ever find a job in teaching maybe I could look into cake decorating?? ha.
and if this wasn't frosting enough on the was my present!! EEEK! an iPhone 4s!!! And sister got me that totally cute hot pink and polka dot kate spade cover!! It was a total surprise!! My stupid droid was having serious issues but I wasn't due for an upgrade until August...I was so excited and I LOVE IT!!!
It was a great day! and a fantastic week!! - full of fun, surprises and really really nice friends and family. I'm a lucky girl! If I have to be 27 at least I'll be rocking the late 20's with a cute new phone and some awesome new heals and outfits from the Nordstrom half yearly sale (thank you gift cards!)...

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