Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The One About Monday Nights

So for almost as long as I can remember...or at least for the last 7 or 8 years, Monday nights are always busy.  7-8 years ago when I was still in college Monday nights were Bridgeport Brewery Nights with my housemates/friends...for the past 6 years Monday nights are normally spent (and by normally I mean 7 months out of the year) at dance practice...and on the off season Monday nights belong to my favorite show. One that just started back up...yes The Bachelorette.

I LOVE IT!!! And we've started to get really serious about watching it...and I mean really serious. The kind of serious that involves research, betting pools, diagrams, charts...we started the pool last season with Ben and are now continuing it with Emily.

The rules go kind of like this.  You are allowed to watch the first episode without locking in your top 4 choices.  After the first episode everyone must turn in a blind bet (meaning you write your guys' names down secretly and put them in an envelop), after all bets have been cast everyone turns in $10.  Then the diagram is made.  See we do them blindly so that it avoids people choosing men/women that don't have many votes...because the way it works is, winner(s) split pot.  Anyway...each week, at the end of the episode we cross off the guy that was eliminated - and last one(s) standing win!! We have 11 people playing...that's $110 bucks!! Although non of my choices are stand alone so I will have to split the pot regardless...but nonetheless I'm excited to report that after week 3 all 4 of my guys are still alive!!!!

Check out the pool.
Exciting huh!!! Monday nights really are a good time!

Also a good time...and good tasting! were the cupcakes I made today! For my Winterhawks end-of-the-year party!! I've been really into this cake decorating stuff...pinterest really isn't helping either (well I stand corrected...technically pinterest IS helping... that's where I am finding all of the addicting ideas) I'm anxious to see what all I create/learn/make/do over the course of the summer...you know me and projects...apparently I have a problem with sitting still and doing nothing.
Here are my little mini cupcakes!

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