Monday, May 21, 2012

The one where I went to the Beach for a long weekend

We had our beach house this past weekend, I always planned on going down for Saturday/Sunday but I didn't get called in to work Thursday so I decided to be spontaneous and hitch a ride with our neighbor- they have a house in Neskowin also, and my mom and her friends were already down at the beach - sister and dad were coming down Friday after work so rather than hanging out at home with no major plans, I decided beach time would be way better!! Plus blue skies and sunshine at the Oregon coast are hard to pass up, especially in May!  It was so fun, relaxing and nice to get away!! I'm going to spend a full week there in August and I'm already looking forward to it!! I LOVE the beach!! Something about it is just so fantastic.  We've been going there since my parents bought the house when I was 8 maybe??? (young!) and somehow I still find new things to do, see and learn about.

Like for example on the drive down I learned about the Delphian School - ever heard of it?? Don't feel bad, neither had I - which surprises me kinda, beings I'm in Education and was also a Theology Minor and did a big research project for one of my classes in Modern/Contemporary Religions on Scientology...anyway the Delphian School is on the road to the beach...past Dundee, a little before Spirit Mountain Casino (and yes, I know I landmarked wine country and casino - but let's be real, I am my mother's daughter...but don't pretend like we're the only two people that make stops along the way...I would have land marked the fruit shack right at the OR-18 junction off 99 where they make the BEST strawberry shortcake of all time...but my guess is the other two are a bit more common) At any rate - did you know the Delphian School is a Scientology boarding school? The have around 250 students (it's up on this secluded hillside) - Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman sent one of their older adopted daughters there - it's only a bargain deal of ...ready for this?? $42,000 PER YEAR!!! 

Or did you know there used to be a mini amusement park right at the 101/OR-18 junction? A tiny past the itty bitty town of Otis?  Apparently my parents had heard of it - my mom had even visited it a couple of times when she was little!! It was only open for 4 years - it was called Pixieland - Not sure what happened to it, I think maybe they were just too ambitions especially considering there are only about 2 months out of the year that an outdoor amusement park would really even be visted at the Oregon was a 57-acre park.  They brought in 2 prior Disney employees to help design, build, and operate the park...totally cool!! The character has a striking resemblance to Peter Pan, if you ask me...

Anyway, must be the history lover in me - but I think things like this are AWESOME! But I also think fun days on the beach are awesome to - don't worry I'm not always boring...
Here are some pictures and notes of things we did over the weekend!! It was a perfectly needed weekend of fun!
Me and the momma!! Walking on the beach...

One of the things I have ALWAYS loved about our beach house, besides the fact that is RIGHT on the that it's right on a beach that is practically always empty! On a busy day there are probably 10 people...along the whole stretch...but this particular day we got a special treat - they had the horses out!! I know it's no surprise, I am NOT a horse rider - not sure why, I've just never really enjoyed it - they make me nervous, I mean it's not like I don't think they are pretty or cool, but they are cooler for me from a distance...don't get me wrong, I've ridden my fair share of horses (including along this beach) but it's usually always when my sister begs me to do it...because she LOVES horses. Anyway look how cute...
 On Saturday I convinced my mom and her friend Karetta to go down to the beach for an extended stay (not just a walk) so that I could build a sand castle.  It was gorgeous out and when it's sunny building a sand castle is one of my very favorite things to do! Sometimes I get really into it, but when we got down there and I got started I realized it was actually kind of it was kind of a quick build and then a let's go back up to the deck and get out of the is the May 2012 masterpiece....
the blank slate
 the final product
  the final product close up!
While I was busy working so was my mom and her friend Karetta...My mom found this contest in her Food Network they spent the entire hour working on the perfect name.
the contest was called "Name That Dish" can kind of see in the picture, it was this really tall sandwich that had hotdogs on it...
They finally settled on the name "The Mile High Weiner Club." Frankly (no pun intended) I thought it was brilliant...they submitted it and I think they should win.

On Friday evening we went up to our neighbors house to visit, watch the sunset, hang out....sister and I got Tillamook ice cream on the way up, ended up having a word find competition and spent 30 minutes trying to find the song they use in the trailer for that new disney movie "Brave"...oh the important things you do while on vacation....LOVE.
 the pretty!
 Saturday my family put together a little surprise birthday celebration for me!! It was so thoughtful!! They tried really hard to make me feel special and it was so nice of them!! I'm a lucky girl. They brought some of my favorite champagne (well technically I guess sparkling white wine) - from Korbel winery and pog juice so I could make my FAVORITE rendition of a mimosa...if you haven't ever tried the combo, I highly recommend it...especially with summer approaching! My mom also made my favorite dinner!! and they got me an ice cream cake!!! It was banana split blizzard kind from DQ. YUM! They also got me a new nail polish color - Tiffany Blue shade - (I've been looking for it for months!)...My sister and mom even tried to surprise me by getting the bestie Hayley to drive down but she has crazy busy at work and it didn't work out - but regardless, it was so nice of them to really go out of their way to make me feel so special and so loved!! Thanks family!! You're the best!
 it says..."5 days a week my body is a temple...the other two it's an amusement park" Haha...we found it in the pantry. Good find!

It was an awesome trip to the beach! Outlet mall shopping, beach walking, tv watching, lounging, reading, lots of scattergories/yatzee playing, yummy food, birthday cake, and fun good laughs with the family!! 

On a side note - I can't hardly believe I'll be 27 years old tomorrow...WOW!! When did I grow up so fast!? I'm not sure everything in my life is exactly how I had planned it to be at this age...but I'm starting to learn that's the beauty of life! And learning to appreciate the things that truly bring me joy and happiness!! I'm lucky!! Amazing family, fantastic friends, healthy, happy and ready to take on my late 20's!! Cheers to the next chapter in life - excited to see what God has in store for me!

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