Friday, May 4, 2012

The one about some of my new favorite things

I wish I could say my week was full of lots of projects, crafts, activities and fun...but really I just worked a lot. Which isn't all just makes for more of a boring week where it's harder to come up with some fun blog posts.

I always hesitate to blog about some of the funny things I see, hear, do and experience at school - it's just that whole privacy thing I struggle with.  And I know, I know you're all like...lady you're worried about privacy? You have a twitter, a blog, you're on Facebook all the time - but really, I am very conscious about the things I post - I have to be.  I wish I didn't have to be, I used to just post whatever I wanted to...back in the day...but I can't anymore, and I wish I could sometimes because there are a lot of hilarious and awesome things that happen at school... like on Monday when I was teaching 7th graders.  I was helping them review for a test they had later in the week on the Mayans, Incas and Aztecs.  The conversation went something like:
Ms. Shepherd- "Can anyone tell me what the Aztecs are best known for?"
Student - <raises his hand REALLY fast. almost before I could get the words out>
Ms. Shepherd - "Yeah! Go ahead!"
Student - <realizes he maybe forgot what he was going to say...get's that nervous panicked look...dear in a head lights kind of things> "ummmmm.....uhhh...mmmmm.......Tamales?"
Ms. Shepherd - "uhh...well, no. Not their tamales" < I couldn't help it...I chuckled...I tried not to but the poor guy, he was serious, and it was just so sweet...and funny>
Student - <kind of quiet and a little embarrassed> "ohh...I think never mind, that's Azteca."

It was too awesome.  And that stuff happens almost all the time. But I have to be careful about what I post. Cause not everything is meant for sharing.  At any rate when I have busy work doesn't mean I'm not doing just means I'm not doing the type of stuff to share on the blog.

But hey - that's ok. I didn't get called in yesterday...and I was totally ok with that because I was playing major catch up. I had to do a bunch of errands and house stuff and you know, adult things. Like buy this new nail polish that I am obsessed with!!! and if you know me, you know how in to nails I am...I guess I get it from my grandma maybe. She was a nail beauty queen - I'm not quite as extreme, but I do appreciate fun nail colors. Sometimes when I paint my nails I even feel prettier. I've been on this mission to find a Tiffany blue shade of nail polish - so far no least not an affordable one.  Mostly I can thank pinterest for my obsession with this color (and about a million other things I'm into right now). But while on that mission I came across a GREAT find!! it's called Mint Sorbet. $2.49 at Target...Sally Hanson kind!

Anyway I'm totally really into it. If you're a nail polish junky - I recommend it for sure! One coat of that bad boy and you will feel fancier.

And since I titled this thing "some of my favorite things"...plural...I guess that means I have to include another item. The other things I bought at Target were boring. Like mouth wash, mascara, face I will post a picture of my cat. Cause she rocks...and she's into this new thing were she thinks it's funny to act like a human. Like the other night I came home and she was just finishing up eating some spaghetti and drinking a glass of wine. I was all like, are you serious? I get home from a long day of work - school teaching private lessons....and you're just sitting here drinking wine and enjoying a nice dinner? She was all like, well....yeah. So I said hmm ok well hold on a sec imma take a picture of you.

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