Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The one about Mother's Day

It's really no surprise - I'm a family girl.  I know most of you know that about me already...but it's true.  My very favorite days are the ones when I get to just hang out with the family!! Plus of course, it's especially great when the weather is just so dang perfect.

It was THE BEST weekend in Portland.  Not going to lie, I won't be happy if this sunshine goes away - I'm ready for it to stay for the next 4 months, straight. But I hear things might change next Tuesday, of course...why wouldn't they. That's my birthday - so of course it will probably rain. I'll keep my fingers crossed though. At any rate, the weekend was awesome!! Filled with lots of fun, family and of course food...

My mom opted to make brunch on Sunday - not because we wouldn't do it for her but because she wanted biscuits and gravy...but only her kind, so she made them for herself...I didn't complain it was fan-freakin-tastic.  We gave her our present - a hanging fuchsia basket (we are humming bird fans around these sticks) right after we ate - she loved it!! It's a really cool variety...I should have taken a picture but I didn't...anyway then sister had to go to school - (I know whaaaa??) Lewis & Clark - grad program - she had an all day Saturday/Sunday class on Indians and Coyotes (ok, I added the Coyotes part) ...but she said it wasn't nearly as cool as she thought it would be, that it was boring and she listened to a chief talk reaaaally reaalllyyyyy slowly about stuff that wasn't even all that exciting - nothing like how to run a casino, built a teepee or do a rain dance, just other stuff that made her wish she was hanging out back at home in the sun with us!  

I helped the mama out in the yard some, hung in the sun and then early afternoon I kicked her out of the kitchen so I could get to work!! Cousin Josh, Jen and baby Liam came over along with Karetta, Frank and his mom Mary.  I was doing appetizer and also thought it would be nice to make all the moms bouquets!! Of course for the menu I hit up the trusty pinterest...(seriously though...I can't get enough.)
My appetizer menu was GOOD!
I made these - delicious morsels of amazingness - baked zucchini sticks and homemade ranch dip! 
I made these - pizza bites (and yeah they were really really great - not because I'm that great of a cook but because the idea is brilliant!)...oh and a little tip!! You don't even need to buy the grands biscuits!! Cause now grands makes pizza dough!! It's SOOO easy...I just unrolled it, cut it, stretched it a bit, stuffed it, folded it up...and bam-o - perfection!
I jazzed up some hummus, threw out some pita chips and carrots - and yeah it was soooo GREAT!!
And also for drinks I re-created the Starbucks shaken passion iced tea lemonades! I made some homemade simple syrup, seeped some Passion tea, made some lemonade (thanks to the frozen can I found in the freezer!!) It was a good bunch of snacks to hold us over before dinner!

you can see the bouquets I put together back in the scenery of that last pic to!! Picked out a bunch of gerber daises (for pretty cheap!) at Trader Joe's, and the rest my dad and I got out of the yard!! They turned out really pretty!

Of course besides getting to spend the whole day with my mom, I also got to play with Liam!! AHH I seriously can't get enough! This kid is hilarious. And thank you uncle John for introducing him to the John Deer lawn mower...I think I spent about 1/3 of my day taking him on rides...but I just couldn't say no!...especially when I kept hearing "pweeee" - his word for please... "ca-ca-ca"  - his word for tractor - though I'm not sure how he get's that...he has a thing where he only says part of the first syllable of his words (unless they are short words like cat, mom, dad) so there is ah (Allie), ka (Kendall), de (Debbie), ja (John), beh (Bentley, of course.) Anyway, tractor is ca...I'm thinking he must hear the "c" in there and latch on to that or something...I dunno...also the kid can drive!! I'm sure it's been all that practice on his little John Deer power wheels, but that two year old steered that thing around that yard like a champ, yikes!!  Anyway he is cute as can be...I didn't get many good pictures, mostly cause I was just enjoying the day - we played some catch (with my old tee-ball glove I found in the garage and a soft baseball), he rode his bike, we played with Bentley, ate a lot of ice cream, went on a walk...did the family thing - it was AWESOME!! And the best most exciting thing...Jen finds out tomorrow if she is having a girl or a boy!! eek, I'm almost as excited as they are I think!!!

It was a really great day!!! I'm blessed to have such a giving, kind, loving and dedicated mom - I always kind of thought when I grew up I wouldn't need her as much, but the truth is I think I need her more the older I get...she's one of my best friends! And sure, shit can get crazy sometimes (yeah lady...you know what's up with that...) but really, they don't get much better!! Happy Mother's Day Mom lady...I LOVE YOU!

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