Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The one about Cinco de Mayo

I'm thinking that Cinco de Mayo + supermoon do not equal a good combination.  It was a wild day, but since this is a public blog I'll spare the details of the more insane parts of the celebration - not for my own humility, but for my el parents...who knew a 54 and 60 year old could party so hard, in Happy Valley.

Despite playing mature adult chaperone to my not-so-mature-for-the-evening parents there were some good moments throughout the day!!

It all started with my early morning prank - made even more fun beings that sister didn't come home till 3am. So it was actually kind of more funny...I decided it would be fun to kick start the day off with a little mariachi fun - at 7am.
I'm not sure sister really enjoyed it. She laughed about it a tiny bit like 7 hours later...but I'm thinking it might take her a little while longer to really appreciate the efforts I went through to pull this off...

After breakfast my dad and I drove down to Mt. Angel to visit cousin Josh, Jen and baby Liam...we went to Josh's nursery to get some roses and a few other plants, then to lunch.  I just have so much fun hanging out with them - I can't get over how cute that Liam is!! I'm obsessed with him!! I kept telling him how cute he was ....
"Liam! You are just so cute!!"
"ca caaa" (his word for candy)
"Liam no, not candy - you're cute I said."
"Liam, does everyone just tell you everyday how cute you are?"
"Do you like when people tell you how cute you are?"
My uncle (dad's brother) bought him a John Deer power wheels truck not too long ago - he is obsessed with it and drives it around like a miniac...he's actually pretty good at it! It has reverse and two gears...and he knows exactly how to shift it!!
Ah!! I just love him!! And the best news is Jen is knocked up again so we get to have another baby in the family soon!! YEEE!!! They are coming over Sunday for Mother's day I'm already excited to play with him more!

Later in the day we decided to hit up La Costita for some Mexican food and margaritas! I mean ya know it's only one of my favorite meals of all time AND it's Cinco de Mayo so it seemed mandatory. I ended up scoring a table in the bar - for 6!! which was pretty lucky considering the wait was nearly 2 hours for the restaurant side - chips, salsa, enchiladas, $5 cadillac margaritas (uh oh...), music, sombreros, HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO!!

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