Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The One Where Lots of Things Happened Over The Weekend

To say it has been a slam packed week and a half would be an understatement.  Today is the first day in over a week that I've even had time to think about updating the blog on all the fun things that have been going on. Let's see...

  • Starlight Parade happened on Saturday night so that made for 3 practices last week
  • I've worked lots
  • I've been doing even more job applications - I even had a job interview yesterday!
  • My mom had a birthday and we threw her a surprise party on Saturday (yes same day as parade)
  • Allie graduated from Lewis & Clark with her M.Ed. (masters in education)
Ok...well it seemed like a lot more in my head.  But each of those things involved a lot of time, so maybe that's why it felt so busy.

I'll take you through a run down.  Here were my LO girls on Saturday night - they were so CUTE!! I had such a fun night with them!
We have 6 new girls this year and every year I am so extremely impressed with how fast they adapt and work themselves into the team! We don't waste any time getting started and there are really high expectations put on all of them (especially our newbies) to be great right from the start.  And lately all they  ever seem to do is rise to the challenge - I love that about them.  I am so excited about this year!! And I know they are to - because it shows.  Each of them are so eager and positive and happy about dance all the time...even if it's marching around a hot track for an hour to the same song.  They look like they love it, they act professional, they take it serious...and hey!! Guess what??! That means come performance night it's just one big bunch of fun!! And to frost that cake - LOHS marching band won!!!! So it was an evening well done!! I think the only thing that would have made it better would have been if there were easily accessible bathrooms.  But nonetheless, they looked great, the danced great, we had our annual team BBQ at one of our seniors house with great food and yummy cupcakes (pink lemonade, salted chocolate carmel, and chocolate peanut butter!), they were decked out in glow sticks, we got to march behind the cast of was a good night!

Saturday was also my mom's 55th birthday!!! A part of me wishes I could have stayed and helped her celebrate but I think we gave her a great day!! Happy Valley started a farmer's market for the first time ever on Saturday - I'm so excited about it!! I love love LOVE farmer's markets.  My favorite is LO's, my second favorite is Milwaukie' I'm just really excited now to have one that is 5 minutes from my house!! It still needs to do a little bit of growing but they definitely have the basics down! We started the day off at the market, because it was a little chilly and they don't have tables yet we opted to go to breakfast across the street (indoors), per mom's request.  So we did - Mom, dad, sister, and two of my mom's friends.  Allie and I decided to be extremely random...and slightly gross - I think it's safe to say it was even a first for us.  We ordered and split the chicken fried steak breakfast and a piece of lemon meringue pie - normally I would maybe even chose to leave that kind of info off of my blog, for the whole public not to read, cause those menu items seem like they could be embarrassing - but to be honest, it was the best random act I've done in a long time. It was freaking delicious. And we ate every. single. bite. like every one. also a rarity for me. I'm more of a snacker, not a sit-and-eat-a-huge-meal-at-one-timer...totally worth it. 
Here is mama and her friends.

After breakfast we did a few errands...went to new seasons - LOOK at the flowers.
New Seasons (in my opinion) always just has the BEST flowers!! Dad got mom a bouquet.  It's still downstairs being all gorgeous...full of pink peonies...I'll have to take a picture and post it. I'm obsessed with it. Then we went to go pick up sisters graduation cake - down in Sellwood from Piece of Cake.  YUM. It was red velvet (it has chocolate chips in the batter, and probably the sweetest cream cheese frosting I've ever had...) basically fantastic. Not to mention SUPER CUTE!
Then we came home and got ready...she didn't really know what for...but that's what we were doing!! I was making a salad and she kept asking me what it was for...I just told her it was for my dance team BBQ later, but really, it wasn't...It was for her surprise party!!  She was totally shocked when people just started showing up, haha...It was awesome. We had about 15 or so people come...and she was loving every second of it!!! My dad did some grilling and her friends brought some other snacks and salads...I think she had a great time!

Of course I didn't get home and in to bed Saturday night (or I guess technically Sunday am) until 1.  Which made for a REALLY early Sunday morning...since we had to leave the house for graduation at 8:20. Yucko. But anyway Sunday was all about sister!! It was also really cool to go to a non University of Portland Graduation!! I mean don't get my wrong, I LOVE UP!! But I've been to 3+ (mine, my sisters, my graduate program's...and then some others for friends over the years) Plus Allie and I both graduated at UP's campus when we graduated from Central Catholic! so needless to say the Chiles Center is all I've really ever know for graduations! Ha...Lewis & Clark is for one, a gorgeous school!! The campus is just so East Coast looking to me!  It was a little slow-mo as far as how long it took to get through...and also I'm still trying to decide what I thought about the speaker.  I expected something along the lines of what we got...beings it's an extremely liberal school (which I have no problems with) but she was a bit all over the place and for a graduation dedicated to a graduate school full of educators she was pretty honest about the current economic system and education crises sorta went like this: pretty much things are terrible, here's an example about a city that is trying to incarcerate teachers who's kids didn't pass the state test, here's a story about when I participated in a strike, and oh yeah here are how many unemployed teachers there are out there...ok now all 280 of you just graduating today - GOOD LUCK! sorta like that...and she also talked about an author she read who studies ants and wrote about an experiment she did where she infected an ant with small pox and the other ants didn't run away but came and licked the ant "clean" anyway, yeah...still processing her speech. Nonetheless sister looked cute! She didn't trip walking across the stage, she was hooded and then we had a really yummy BBQ over at our house to celebrate! She is having her big grad party in August (she has a couple over more credits to complete this summer) but when she officially get's her diploma we are throwing a huge bash here at the house....I'm already excited! It's going to have a DJ and everything!! Here is really smart sister lady in her cap and gown getting graduated and hooded!

and last up on the busy week of activities...I had an interview yesterday!! I don't want to indulge too much...cause you know how things go...but I think it went alright minus one thing. I did my best to look as professional as I could.  I wore black slacks, with a black and white pin striped blazer and salmon button down blouse underneath, I spent countless hours prepping to notice that in the car ride over...this is what my nail polish looked like.
Niiiice....I tried to scratch it off...but it wasn't gonna happen. I tried to only use my right hand when using talking gestures, but I doubt I was consistent....that's the last time I ask for a swipe of polish from my friends' gifts at the end-of-year Rosebud party (oh!! That also happened last week! I forgot!! I'll have to post a little something about that as well!! I love those girls! I'm going to miss them!).  Anyway, I'll keep you posted on if the nail polish was a good idea or a bad idea when I hear back.

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