Monday, June 11, 2012

The One Where I Organized My Nail Polish

Normally I wouldn't blog about something just like nail polish - but I discovered an awesome thing today (well technically a while back...but actually finished today) that I thought was worth sharing - maybe something that would inspire other's to try if they liked it!

... it's about my new way of organizing/storing nail polish.  Cause I can't be the only one that is annoyed by how cluttery-messy those little bottles can be.  Even when I was little, I remember being annoyed about them...and ultimately they always ended up in some type of tub somewhere.  Usually under the bathroom sink.  The problem with the bucket was that 95% of the time I used the color right on top over and over, or couldn't find the one I wanted or would buy multiples because I forgot I had that exact same shade of pink sparkle under the 16 other polishes on top of it. I know you're all like well don't have so many nail polishes...but you're talking to me here...I love nail polish. Always have.  I am my grandma's grand-daughter...the 5 most important things in her life were my mom, my sister, me, her hair and her nails. And unfortunately, probably not in that order.

At any rate...this is how we have been storing the nail polish around here lately.
in a kitchen cupboard.  Pretty sure my mom hates it - and really I hate it to. I mean it is convenient but it's also a cluttery gross mess.

So you know me and pinterest.  I found THIS amazing idea a few weeks ago. Using a spice rack to organize nail polishes.  Of course my OCD organizational side saw it and was all like um best idea ever!! So of course I had to make it happen...I've been keeping an eye out for a metal spice rack that I like and I finally found one at World Market!! I ended up buying two. Here they are.
And here they are hung up in my bathroom all organized!! I love them!!

I've been sacked out on the couch or on my bed since Thursday night...with some nasty cold bug (gah! I hate being sick...but it's pretty much my MO...go go go then when school get's ready to end or it's a holiday break - bam. sicko.) At any rate, I have been SO bored and slightly stir crazy just sleeping and laying down...I did go to a grad party for a couple of hours on Saturday and Sunday but that was it. And today...same thing - I left the house for about 2 hours and did a few errands and chores around the house...but I think now I'm back to the couch to rest's Bachelorette night. Which of course, you know what that means - the crossing off of bachelors continues (hoping that all of my guys make it through another week!) But I work tomorrow - 7th I'm trying to save my energy.  I want to enjoy it!! If I'm dealt a lucky hand this may be last day as a substitute!!!

Anyway - here's hoping that I start feeling back to my regular old self...I have fun projects in the making (much like this one) that I want to get back to working on!! Project bonus room has continued and I can't wait to share - a couple more weeks and I think it will all be finished!

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