Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The One About Father's Day

"You know it's like Father's Day or something when we walk around this store <Home Depot> pretending like we know what we are looking for...cause I think we only come in here once/year and every single time we walk the wrong direction trying to find what we want." - Allie.

Seriously.  But the rake and new shovel (that we actually got from a specialty tool place out towards Boring) were a hit. And so were the biscuits and gravy mom made for breakfast!

But is it me? Or are holiday's just way more fun with little kiddos around.  After breakfast the cousin's came over to spend the day with us.  I LOVE having my cousins live so close to me and that Josh and Jen like to spend holidays (when they are in town) with us.  We kick started Father's Day celebrations by heading to the zoo!
He was SO excited!! He even wanted to sit in the back BACK seat with "kaah" and "ahhh" (translated - kendall & allie) which is actually a big deal if you know the kid. Cause he is shy and likes to sit by mom the first while usually. We helped him practice all of his animal sounds on the way...his snake noise was by far the best. psssssssssss (in the softest sweetest quite whisper ever!)

Not long into the zoo of course though (and if you know the Oregon Zoo you will know how close to the beginning we actually were) near the end of the first stretch of exhibits we ran into Oregon's farm land area...where they have a big barn, you can pet some animals, couple of cows, pigs, goats, chickens, you know...the usual. Liam wasn't interested in the animals he was interested in one thing...the "CA!"  - the tractor. I'm not sure I've been around many two year old's during tantrum time but boy was he MAD when we made him leave that tractor. so so sooo mad. and if only I had a picture but he even had his arms crossed in front of his chest (it was hilarious, but I wasn't about to let him know that).  I'm thinking he would have stayed on that thing the entire time maybe.  He cried for about 20+ minutes about it - until mama Jen finally broke into that little one-tracked mind of his and got him to eat a little snack and look at some nasty disappearing pigs. Have you seen the disappearing pigs at the zoo?? They are bizarre.

Anyway once he was settled down it was on to the rest of the zoo.  We took a little break and watched the 12:30 bird show, ate some elephant ears and took some pictures!! YUM.
first bite.

 I said hey Liam is that so delicious?... I got no words - just two thumbs up. HAHA
 I just love the zoo! We had such a good time.

We even got so lucky because a handful of the animals were in their den's!! I never see them in there!!!! So that meant lots of close up pictures!...and this was just a few minutes before the 2nd one came in to join her - two cheetahs in their den, what are the odds!? We rushed the last 1/3 and didn't quite stop to see everything (mostly glanced at stuff on the way to the exit), but we made it through nearly the entire zoo until bubba got sleepy.

But it was a lot of fun!! I think even "unck jaw" (translated - uncle john) would agree that it was one of the better father's day in a long time!!! We drove home and mom finished up dinner. Menu items were per/request of the dad:
  • asparagus
  • macaroni salad
  • ribs
  • baked beans
  • home-made tapioca pudding
  • strawberry shortcake
  • strawberry lemonade
IT WAS GOOD! I think we even got the boy hooked on a new favorite activity when he comes over to kaah & ahhh's - I found my box of un-lit fireworks...he LOVED them. especially the smoke bombs.  Apparently running through a cloud twice as big as you that is neon blue is like the coolest thing ever, in case you were wondering.

Happy Father's Day Dad!! I hope you felt special and loved and had the perfect day!! We love you!!

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