Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The One About Some Old Notes I Found...

So first off, still don't have a time to report. You know, the one about the 100M sprint and how fast I can run it in?

But I do fitness with my girls tomorrow (the LO girls) so if the track is open (we are getting a new turf installed so it's been hit and miss on when it's open) that's first on the agenda for the morning. So again - stay tuned...

But, in the mean time...I found something I wanted to share.  It actually made me laugh so I thought it would be wroth posting.  I was digging through my old emails to see if I could try and find a TV pitch I sent out a long time ago...that's a bummer thing about when your old work email accounts get deactivated, you lose LOTS of old thing that you spent hours and hours working on...who knew I would actually want to have it again some day though!?  Anyway...I came across this old blog post of mine from a long time ago.

When I used to be a bit more free-sprited with my writing...used a few profanities (sometimes I think they just make writing funnier...but I try to refrain these days...you know, I am 27 so I'm trying to act my age and all...) but these are a reflection of my 22 year-old self...I went through this little phase where I tweeted messages to things. I may integrate that back in to my twitter repertoire ...Sometimes it's just better to write notes to stuff.

Anyway, here are some old anecdotes I came across:

Dear sun, remember last weekends hen you were pretty? Could you come back so I'm not so freezing and grumpy? Cordially, Kendall

Dear work computer, could you not be so old and slow so I can get my work done better? Annoyingly, Kendall
ps - Internet Explorer, mostly I mean you...and your illegal operations. Thnx.

Dear lips, I know it's not as sunny this week as last week and it's a little more cold and freezing, but could you please not be so chapped all of the time? Painfully, Kendall

Dear boys, I'm not sure if it's you or your cell phones, but if one or the other of you could start working better probably I wouldn't be so annoyed, Fondly, Kendall.

Dear Sister, you are hilarious and thanks for always letting me vent to you about life. You make shit more fun, xo, sister.

Dear cute new blue house, I love you and have been looking for you for a long time. Love, Kendall

Dear phone, sometimes people make fun of us for being so obsessed with each other, don't let other's opinions change you.  You are amazing and without you, mostly I get bored. Hugs, Kendall

Dear to-do-list, sometimes it's ok not to grow longer after I check something off of you...From Kendall

Dear laundry, I have work for 9 hours today...it would be nice if you could be picked up and folded when I get home...I get tired of seeing you on the floor everyday, learn about responsibilities and quit being lazy. Gross, Kendall

That's all. I do find it amusing however that 4 1/2 years later I could have written over half of those things today...you should see the laundry on my closet floor, and I just put chap-stick on 45 seconds ago.

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