Sunday, June 24, 2012

The One About My Summer Job And Other Things This Week

Most days I want to blog about all the stuff I did that day but then I people really want to read about how I cleaned my room or how long I lasted on the treadmill (at the 5.5 speed) today? Um...probably not.  So then I just don't write because the cool things I do in the day don't seem like enough to do a whole post about.  But maybe that's ok - Sometimes shorter can be better so maybe I'll get better about that. Maybe.

But for today I thought I would do a recap of all the things I did this week.

One of the bigger things to report is I started my summer gig this week - and I LOVE IT!!!! I'm working for one of my girlfriends who owns a little PR company. PR is what I used to do before I became a's something I always enjoyed doing but wasn't what I thought I wanted to do with my life, I switched roads and took the teacher path.  This week has totally surprised me though- I'm not sure if it's cause it's different, or new, or I love working for JulieAnna, or if it's just a combination of all of the above but it's been so refreshing! And fun!! and I'm super excited to go to work or sit down and do work (I work from home part of the time...which of course is kind of awesome as well) - I mean many people can say that?! But it's true I'm loving it!!

Anyway, as far as what I do - I kind of do a little bit of everything.  I'm sort of her assistant, mixed with the girls' assistant (she has two regular full time employees that work for her), I edit stuff, I put together media lists, I run errands, I organize stuff, work on the computers, read magazines, research, write, mail stuff, hey I even baby sit!! (She has a one-year old who has a nanny there most of the time, but like on Thursday when she was at a meeting until 4 and nanny had to leave at 3 I got to play with Michael for an hour!! Maybe the best way to end the work day!!)
He was asking for more puffs...see his little baby sign language? Doing the more symbol?? AHH swoon.

I had lots of favorite work activities this week.

  • I went to the container store to get some magazine organizers (you put me in a store full of stuff that helps organize and I am a happy girl! Maybe one of my favorite stores ever, definitely on the top 5 with Nordstrom and Target - definitely.)
  • I mailed some Sorel boots to Jillian Harris (Sorel is one of the clients JulieAnna works on - she freelances for my old agency actually! Which is kind of fun!! I only worked on Sorel a little bit when I was there but it's a client I know a lot about, and funny to be back working with them a tiny bit!)  Anyway - Jillian...remember her? Bachelorette? I fed-ex'd the boots to her home address in Canada!

  • Then Austin (one of the girls that works for JulieAnna) had to get a creative mailer out this week...already time to start working on those Holiday gift guides (early I know! but that's how it works with magazines...they close those things so early!) But I wrapped up a bunch of these!! Baby bogs...aren't they so cute!? And we sent to a bunch of editors...

  • I've also been on a mission to locate the contact info for all of the wardrobe designers for all the TV shows this fall.  You know, like Modern Family, Gossip Girl, Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23, Suburgatory, Raising Hope ...yada yada. We have a bunch of pitching to do to them starting this week - so if you know anyone that costumes the cast of any shows I'm down for any insider scoop.
Anyway, that's just a taste of the many things I've been working on this week...there is more but I'll switch gears - I'm sure I'll have tons more fun things to blog about on the work front coming up! How cool is it to have a job that's even interesting enough to post about!? I mean teaching has some pretty great things to post about - mostly stories, hilarious stories and a few of the unbelievable kinds...but I'm always so hesitant to share too much - just never know.

Other things from the week.

I went to dinner Thursday night at Ken's Artisan Pizza.  AMAZING. If you love pizza, go here. ASAP. It's right down by my old high school - Central Catholic. 28th & Starkish...well between Stark and Burnside. Here are some pictures.
 They serve their pizzas with red pepper flakes (which isn't too out of the norm) but then some big-crystaled salt! At first I was like what?? Who puts salt on pizza? But I tried it - on the Margherita & Arugula kind (below) was outstanding!! I could eat that everyday I think.
 We also ordered the fennel sausage & onion kind (with the hot Calabrian chiles on the side) - we weren't going to get them at first but then we decided that we should on the side, just to try them - I'm not a huge lover of spicy really but I have to say, in small doses it really made that pizza!
 Then of course we split deserts.  The one on the left was a rhubarb, cornmeal shortcake & (some kind of alcohol that I can't remember) flavored gelato, and the one on the right was a honey lavender gelato with a biscotti - they were both SO GREAT!
Anyway, I definitely recommend it. One of the better dinners I've had out in a long while. I love Portland's restaurants.  It really is a city full of great places to eat!

Ok, and last bit from the week that is worth sharing.  On Friday night I went with my friend Katie and sister to go see Disney's new movie Brave.  I am such a sucker for all things Disney!  (Like bad. Like if I wasn't living life on a budget I wouldn't be here writing this blog, I would be down at California Adventures checking out the new cars world.)  Anyway, Allie and I have been wanting to go see this ever since we saw the trailer on TV for the first time...
They had us at the line - "if you had the chance to change your fate...wouldchyu?!" in the little accent! Ahh it was just the cutest! Loved it.
I'm even a sucker for the opening disney intro that they always play.  It's just so magical!!

Now here's to hoping that the weather remembers that it's summer time, not winter, and that we like the sun this time of year, not the rain.

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